Stakeholder Engagement

At Power Corporation we understand that our stakeholders are a key component of our success, which is why we constantly strive to promote understanding and trust with them, taking the necessary time to consider their views. In fact, this is an integral part of our responsible management approach, allowing us to stay connected to the parties who have an active or potential interest in our business.

Process of Engagement

We engage with a broad range of stakeholders, which include our group companies, shareholders, employees, suppliers, local communities, and responsible investment organizations, as well as corporate social responsibility and governance rating organizations. The stakeholders with whom we choose to engage will depend on their interests and the relevance of their issues to our business. For more information, please refer to Engagement Methods.

Engagement takes place both formally and informally through a collaborative and open dialogue. In preparing this website, we incorporated the perspectives of those stakeholders who had expressed a direct interest in our CSR performance. We recognize the importance of taking into account various stakeholder perspectives, and will continue to engage with stakeholders to inform our continuous improvement efforts and the content of our reporting.

Addressing CSR Interests

In recent years, CSR interests were mainly expressed by CSR rating organizations.

What We Heard
How We Responded

Improve disclosure on climate change management and performance

We provide information on our climate change management and performance through our public response to the CDP questionnaire, which includes externally verified emission data. We have been recognized for our efforts and have continued to demonstrate strong performance within the Canadian financial services sector. In order to continue enhancing our disclosure, we also prepare an annual Data Supplement, which presents our environmental performance based on various indicators. 

Disclose additional information on data privacy and security

As our way to respond to requests from various CSR rating organizations and investors to have access to detailed information on how, as an international management and holding company focused on financial services, we manage data privacy and security, we added a new Data Privacy and Security page to this CSR microsite. That page includes information on the policies and procedures we have put in place relating to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information, as well as to the protection of confidential information. It also provides additional details on our cybersecurity policy.

Improve both qualitative and quantitative disclosure on corporate social responsibility programs and performance 

We have continued to update this CSR website in alignment with international standards to better inform our stakeholders of our governance, strategy, programs and performance, striving to continuously add new information and cover additional topics. In addition, since 2017, we prepare, on an annual basis, a comprehensive CSR Data Supplement that is available on this site. Our Data Supplement now consolidates environmental, social and governance data, covering a broad range of indicators. 

Strengthen responsible procurement program

We extended the scope of our commitment to ethical business practices to our third party suppliers and business partners, by developing and implementing a Responsible Procurement Policy Statement and Third Party Code of Conduct, which continue to be deployed with our existing and new key suppliers, consultants and business partners.

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