Stakeholder Engagement

At Power Corporation, we believe that our stakeholders are a key component of our success and recognize the importance of taking into account various stakeholder perspectives to inform our decisions and actions, where relevant. This is why we constantly strive to foster relationships and promote mutual understanding and trust with them. In fact, maintaining an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders is an integral part of our responsible management approach.

Engagement Process

We engage with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders. We select the stakeholders with whom we engage with based on their active or potential interest in, or their impact on, our activities, as well as the relevance of their questions and matters to our business.

Through stakeholder engagement, we aim to learn about our stakeholders’ views and needs, better understand their concerns and expectations of us, and gain insights about what matters most to them. This allows us to deepen our understanding of key topics and issues, address items of mutual interest and make better and more informed decisions regarding ESG matters. We will continue to engage with stakeholders to inform our continuous improvement efforts as well as the content of our reporting.

Engagement Methods

We are committed to maintaining a collaborative and open dialogue, both formal and informal, with a broad range of stakeholders. Below is a summary of how we engage with them as well as examples of topics on which we engaged in 2021. 


Engagement Methods
2021 Engagement Topics
  • Representation on their boards of directors and regular formal and informal discussions with their senior management as part of our active ownership governance model

  • Annual Power group-wide Sustainability Conference 

  • Ongoing informal dialogue with sustainability teams and leaders

  • Business strategy and value creation 

  • ESG risks, opportunities and priorities 

  • Climate and net-zero positioning and reporting 

  • Sustainable investing 

  • Sustainable Indigenous investment 

  • ESG data collection 

  • Sustainability disclosure and best practices 

  • Community impact  


Engagement Methods
2021 Engagement Topics
  • Annual Meeting of Shareholders 

  • Quarterly earnings calls and live webcast 

  • Industry conferences and investor roadshows 

  • Investor/analyst meetings

  • Ad hoc communications with the investor relations team 

  • Corporate secretary’s office

  • Business strategy and value creation strategy

  • Corporation’s approach to executive compensation 

  • Governance-related matters 

  • Shareholder proposal 

  • Environmental and social policies and performance 

  • Gender diversity 


Engagement Methods
2021 Engagement Topics
  • Formal company townhalls and Q&A sessions with executives

  • Informational company-wide events 

  • Team meetings 

  • Training programs 

  • Annual performance reviews

  • Informal feedback mechanisms 

  • Business performance and updates 

  • Adaptation to the evolving COVID-19 situation

  • Corporate values, policies and programs 

  • Sustainability and community involvement 

  • Career development and training 


Engagement Methods
2021 Engagement Topics
  • Formal exchanges 

  • Informal discussions

  • Provision of sustainable products and services 

  • The importance of ESG factors and high ethical standards 

  • Power’s Third Party Code of Conduct  


Engagement Methods
2021 Engagement Topics
  • Community partnerships, meetings and events

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Indigenous reconciliation 

  • Elimination of poverty 

  • Advancement of women and gender equality 

  • Biodiversity conservation 

  • Health and education 

  • Social entrepreneurship 

  • Arts and culture 

  • Financial inclusion  


Engagement Methods
2021 Engagement Topics
  • Surveys and questionnaires

  • Ad hoc communications

  • Climate performance and disclosure 

  • Diversity 

  • Governance-related matters 

  • ESG performance and disclosure

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