Responsible Management:
Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Welcome to Power Corporation’s website on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Incorporated in 1925, Power Corporation of Canada is a diversified international management and holding company that holds interests, directly or indirectly, in companies in the financial services, renewable energy, communications and other business sectors.

Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental to the way we, and our group of companies, do business — what we refer to as responsible management. It has been at the core of our investment philosophy, enabling us to build a resilient and sustainable business, through our role as an investor, employer and contributor to the communities where we operate.


Our belief in responsible management has long influenced our investment and management decisions. We invest in quality companies with sustainable franchises and attractive growth prospects that demonstrate they are managed in a responsible manner. We take a prudent approach to risk and incorporate the analysis of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment process which leads us to invest in companies that have sustainable business models.

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Responsible management defines the manner in which we recruit and develop our workforce. We provide our employees with challenging and rewarding careers, give them the resources to develop their expertise and leadership skills, and support their volunteer efforts within the communities where we operate.

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Responsible management has led us to be good corporate citizens, to be environmentally conscious, to support our communities, and above all else, always to behave ethically and with integrity, enabling us to earn the confidence of all our stakeholders.

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