Health, Safety and Well-Being

The health, safety and well-being of our workforce is important to us. Health and wellness promotes employee satisfaction, enhances our appeal as an employer, and ensures we attract and retain motivated and productive people.

Our Commitment

As a company with major holdings in the life insurance business, we are especially sensitive to the day-to-day stressors our employees experience in both their personal and professional lives. We are committed to creating a workplace that allows people to perform and develop in a safe and healthy environment. We believe our employees must have the necessary support to reduce their stress at work and at home, and to improve their health and personal performance.


Our approach to workplace health and wellness focuses on providing a wide range of preventative health and well-being services for our people.

Health, Safety and Well-Being

Health Assistance and Support

Access to an Employee and Family Assistance Program. This program provides support and assistance to employees and their families facing sensitive issues related to work, health and life including: workplace challenges, nutrition and health, physical health, addiction concerns, stress, depression and anxiety, family and parenting, relationships, and other situations.

Access to the Best Doctors Program, which provides our employees with a free and confidential access to a global database of 50,000 peer-ranked medical specialists who can help understand medical conditions and treatment options.

Employer paid life insurance, short-term and long-term disability, medical, vision, and dental care coverage for its employees and retirees.

Access to on-site flu vaccinations.

Wellness Programs and Incentives

Subsidized fitness memberships are provided to employees.

We ensure our building meets all requirements related to occupational health, including ergonomic considerations.

Highlights from our Group Companies

Understanding and Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

Great-West Life has various initiatives in place to address mental health matters: 

  • In 2015, it participated in various initiatives, such as the Not Myself Today campaign and the Mental Health Week to raise awareness on mental health issues and encourage all leaders to open a dialogue with employees about these issues.  

  • The Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace (the Centre) launched in 2015 an expanded, improved version of the Supporting Employee Success (SES) tool along with a new SES web page on the Centre’s website. Averaging 5,000 visits a month to its website, the Centre is a leading source of free, practical tools and resources designed to help Canadian employers with prevention, intervention and management of workplace mental health issues. 

  • Great-West Life is also one of approximately 40 companies in Canada participating in a three-year case study research project to implement the “National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace,” which offers a valuable framework for considering mental health in the workplace. 

IGM Financial’s three operating companies conduct regular confidential employee surveys which include many factors related to workplace psychological health and safety. The results from these surveys help guide enhancements to workplace programs. For instance, in 2015, Investors Group launched an enhanced wellness program built on an approach that is focused on four pillars: Physical, Mental, Social, and Financial. This program includes increased training and communications about recognizing problems and tips on how to stay healthy in these four areas. More than 650 employees attended and took in wellness information from over 30 exhibitors at a Wellness Expo in 2015.


Healthy Work Environments

As outlined in its Safety and Health Charter, Imerys takes safety and health as core values for all of its operations, regardless of where an operation is located in the world or what role an employee or contractor performs. Since 2005, Imerys has implemented a number of programs to provide the operations with tools and training for continuous, long-term improvement of workplace safety, including the Imerys Safety University, the Safety Summits and the Take 5 program to raise risk awareness amongst employees. In 2015:

  • The company’s Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Department implemented a targeted onboarding process that introduces new site directors and EHS managers to the main elements of the safety system.

  • A total of 18 safety protocols matching the new industrial standards were identified.

Great-West Life’s employees can access a range of supports to help manage their financial, physical and mental well-being, such as onsite fitness centres in some of their major Canadian locations, wellness accounts, as well as tools and resources supporting their global health. For instance, in 2015, registered nurses located in all the company’s major centres in Canada provided care to employees over 28,000 times, including support for physical and mental health issues, requests for accommodation in the workplace due to a medical issue, workplace wellness programs and initiatives and flu shots. 


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