Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that being an inclusive employer enables us to understand the diverse factors that have an impact on our business, allowing us to make better decisions and best motivate our workforce. As workforce demographics change, diversity has become a business imperative and a key ingredient of success.

Our Commitment

Diversity is an important priority for us as an employer and as an active owner in a variety of companies operating in numerous geographic locations. Our group companies attract a diverse team of employees, all with unique expertise, from different backgrounds, age groups, genders and nationalities. Attracting and retaining a workforce that reflects the communities where we operate and the breadth of experience we need underpins our goal to be a great employer and to achieve our business objectives.


We have focused our strategy on supporting a diverse and inclusive work environment through the following programs:

Diversity and Inclusion

We support diversity at all levels of the organization. This commitment, as it relates to our Board and senior management, was formalized through our policy relating to Board and Senior Management Diversity. The women in our business represent:

  • 17% at the Power Corporation Board level

  • 18% at the executive officer level, including the Corporation's group companies

Through our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, we reinforced our commitment to provide equal opportunities in employment, appointments and advancement and our commitment to support an inclusive workforce.

We have provided training on our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which emphasizes our commitment to provide a respectful and equitable workplace.

Highlights from our Group Companies


Our subsidiaries, Power Financial, Great-West Lifeco and IGM Financial, have adopted Board and Senior Management Diversity policies.

Imerys' Diversity Charter outlines its commitment to achieving greater diversity, as well as its commitment to antidiscrimination and equal opportunities. Diversity plans and series of measures have been set up in most of the major countries since 2013, including a women’s mentoring program and several projects to support inclusion of people with disabilities. At the end of 2015, there were 20 different nationalities in the Imerys headquarters in Paris and the company had 220 employees with disabilities.

Empowering Women

In 2015, Great-West Life supported the launch of [email protected] Life, a networking and mentoring group for up-and-coming female leaders. The group held an intimate and informal chat with five female executives offering their unique points of view on their career paths and personal journeys. 

Investors Group supported its women in leadership by sponsoring a number of leaders to attend the 2015 and 2016 SHE Day, a Winnipeg conference focused on leadership development. The company enhanced its leadership development programs, including unconscious bias training and planning for a women's leadership pilot program in 2016. 

Mackenzie Investments also continued to focus on supporting women in leadership by holding networking opportunities with internal and external events such as the Women of Influence and an internal panel discussion.


IGM Financial promotes a respectful, diverse and inclusive workplace – 59% of its employees are women exceeding the national average of 51.2%1 for the business and finance professions. In addition, 44% of managers and executives are women, exceeding the national average of 37%1.

Investors Group also focuses on diversity among its financial advisors, to better reflect Canada’s diverse population. In 2015, Investors Group enhanced its recruitment tools, creating videos and written profiles of people from a diversity of backgrounds who have achieved great success either as a consultant or in field management. A committee of senior managers, including field leadership, was also formed to review internal practices surrounding recruitment, training and promotion to continue to foster a culture inclusive of a diversity of people. Investors Group has been successful in recruiting a larger proportion of women consultants into its growing network. In 2015, 35% of new Investors Group consultants were women. Through this increased recruitment, the percentage of women consultants overall grew to 30% in 2015. 

In 2015, both Mackenzie Investments and Investment Planning Counsel continued to support organizations that help immigrants to gain employment. Mackenzie continued supporting the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) Mentoring Partnership, also encouraging its employees to volunteer with the organization to further enhance their cross-cultural abilities and develop leadership skills. Investment Planning Counsel established partnerships with both the TRIEC and the Federal Internship for Newcomers (FIN) to build recruitment strategies for new immigrants. 

Great-West Life is actively seeking new ways to reach out to a diverse range of potential employees. For instance, the company formed a partnership with Amik.ca, an initiative connecting qualified Indigenous workers with employers across Canada. Just in the Fall of 2015, 16 individuals were hired in Winnipeg as part of this program.

To strengthen its teams and prepare to the next generation of managers, Imerys launched its Graduates Program in 2015, an international program for recruiting and nurturing recent graduates. A total of 25 employees of 13 different nationalities joined Imerys through this program.

1. Statistics Canada, Women in Canada: a Gender-based Statistical Report: Paid Work. December 2010, Page 23.


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